Type Art Nr. Gearbox Type / Notes  SILVER Body BLACK Body
S1 8X 10046HD-S1  “UNDERFLOOR” AUDI S1 8X with 02M 6-Speed MQ350 ¥200,000 ¥225,000
A3 / S3 / TT Quattro 10046HDAU-Quattro 02M; 6 speed cable transmission type MQ350. ¥190,000 ¥215,000
A3 / TT / 02M ; 02Q & 02J new Genaration 10045HDAU VW 02J or 02M 5 or 6 speed cable transmission, type MQ250, MQ350. ¥190,000 ¥215,000
Audi for Quattro/ Syncro Models 10046HD-MQ500 Special Kit for cars equipped with a 6 speed MQ500 cable transmission ¥190,000 ¥215,000
Audi 80/90 FF. Type B4 10052-B4 Audi 80/90 type B4 with Audi 01E Rod Shifted Gearbox Modification to cable shift ¥270,000 ¥295,000
Audi A4 Type B5/B6 with 01E Gearbox 10052-B5 Audi A4 Type B5 & B6 with 01E Rod Gearbox Modification to cable shift ¥270,000 ¥295,000



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